DoodleTrip is a personal project that I've been thinking about since 2018, and started working on in 2019. Built in Game Maker Studio 1.4, the game uses a 2.5D perspective with pixel art inspired by childhood doodles, giving it a unique visual style.

DoodleTrip takes place in a kingdom called "Pastelle", an imaginary world created from the childhood drawings of our protagonist, Wendell Lockhart.

As a kid, Wendell dreamed of becoming a cartoonist, and would draw his own comics about having adventures in Pastelle. He would often get lost in his imagination, dreaming about what his next adventure in Pastelle would be.


But as he grew older, he slowly stopped drawing bit by bit, until eventually he stopped completely. Becoming too busy in the real world, he forgot all about Pastelle...


Many years later, Wendell is now an adult and living on his own. One day, he finds a large, dusty cardboard box shoved in the back of his closet that he didn't remember having. Curious, he looked inside...


...and discovered a huge collection of his old childhood drawings, as well as memorabilia he thought had been lost all these years.

At first he was surprised to see it all; he didn't think he had kept this much.

Forgetting about everything else he had to do that day, he sat himself down

and started looking through the box, reminiscing on days gone by.


There had to have been hundreds of doodles, sketches, and poorly-stapled comic books he had made in there. So many, in fact, that at some point he drifted off to sleep...

The last thing Wendell probably would have expected when he woke up... was that the REAL trip down memory lane was only just beginning!

Join Wendell and his friends as they travel across the kingdom of Pastelle, collect treasures from his childhood, and cure the land of a curse that has been cast over it by the tyrannical King Darkmore. It seems the only way to lift the curse is to infiltrate the King's domain, "Darkfall Castle", and defeat him once and for all!

It looks like their work is cut out for them! Will Wendell and his friends be able to defeat the darkness? Or will they be swept away in its overwhelming shadow...?

Find out in DoodleTrip! Coming eventually!

  • A casual gameplay experience all about exploration and character interaction!

  • Light combat elements where you'll need to cure enemies of the King's curse by whacking them with your wand!

  • Explore the kingdom's different zones in search of "treasures", memorabilia from Wendell's childhood that provide him with a look back on his fondest memories.

  • Find collectibles scattered around called "charms", which you can use to power yourself up and unlock bonus content with the leftovers!

DoodleTrip © 2018-2020 Ricky Gomez

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