DoodleTrip is an upcoming action role-playing game for PC.

You'll play as a young man named Wendell, who finds himself lost in the kingdom of "Pastelle", an imaginary world he used to play in as a child.


The evil tyrant of Pastelle, King Darkmore, has cast a curse over the land in Wendell's absence. It is up to Wendell and three other heroes to journey to King Darkmore's castle, not only to put a stop to the King's evildoings, but to find a way for Wendell to get back home!


You'll explore a vast overworld with many sub-areas to discover, encountering creatures along the way which you'll need to cure of Darkmore's curse. On your quest you'll also find treasures from Wendell's childhood, providing more insight on the game's underlying story.


Join our reluctant hero Wendell on a little trip down memory lane, where the biggest obstacle he might have to overcome is himself.


DoodleTrip has been in development since 2018, developed alongside my main project "Don't Forget" ( DoodleTrip will be my main focus once DF is finished!

Currently, the game is planned to be made available on Steam, GameJolt, and I'm hoping that a playable demo will be released by 2021, with the full game being ready sometime in 2023.

If you are interested in seeing progress on the game as it gets developed,

consider checking out my Twitter, where I post occasional screenshots and videos of the game. You can also find longer gameplay videos on my YouTube channel.

The links to both of these are available below.

Thank you for very much for reading!

If you have any comments or inquiries, feel free to contact this email:

DoodleTrip © 2018-2020 Ricky Gomez

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